Chia Cryptocurrency


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BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen has announced some time ago that it will be launching Chia cryptocurrency in the future. He claims that Chia will the the greener alternative to Bitcoin by using a unique consensus algorithm called "Proof of Space". The project is still in its very beginning, but it has gone far since 2018. It makes me wonder whenever it'll have a space within crypto land, since there are so many altcoins on the market nowadays.

If Chia wants to stay ahead of the game, it would need to provide something innovative not found elsewhere. Also, it would need to keep up with constant development to maintain solid within the crypto industry for a long time. Whenever this new cryptocurrency will succeed in the long term, it's yet to be seen.

Nonetheless, do you think that Chia will become Bitcoin's competitor in the future? If not, will it at least survive the market for the foreseeable future? What are your thoughts about this new cryptocurrency?